What Marketing looks like in 2020?

If we’ve learned one thing in 2020 is that in an environment where physical interaction is getting more restricted, digital channels are lingering all over the market. Just as Businesses in every sector are trying to sustain if not grow, B2B organisations are  also figuring out ways to stay in the market, operate and recover. ... Continue Reading →

Introverts in Marketing

"Extroverted individuals are the most successful in their professional careers." You have no idea how much this has affected me personally and professionally. Yes, I'm a soft and quiet person. On a typical evening, I would rather be left alone, read a book, write, left alone in my thoughts or cook my favourite meal than... Continue Reading →

Corporate → MBA → Startup?

Bill Gates once said “Make the most of the opportunity you are given” when asked if working in start-up is better than Corporate.  Getting a job was the only concern for me like most students.  Never occurred to me that I might have to choose. Fortunately, job hunting wasn’t a struggle for me. I have... Continue Reading →

Create your Plays within Playbook

Oh yeah! The function that we always wanted our Playbook to deliver from way long back (among others). For years. We had always wanted to provide a mechanism to all our Sales brothers and sisters wherein a play for any given situation could be found within the CRM itself. With the help of Scripts, Collaterals,... Continue Reading →

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