The best CRM in the world

We often come across someone who is on a quest to find “the best CRM in the world”. Most of us, by now or with at least a few years of experience, know that there simply is no “best” CRM in the world just like any and many other product(s). And like any other choice we have to make for our organization it all comes down to what exactly we need rather than what exactly is the best.

So how do we answer the question – what exactly do we need in a CRM?

One way I can think of is to break down this question into more questions – like:

  • Are we Marketing focused? Where most conversions are done at a marketing level rather than through direct sales methods – e.g. B2C organizations typically tend to be Marketing first.
  • Are we Sales first? Where conversions are generally done on a personal level via direct talks, meetings, demos and so on – e.g. B2B organizations tend to fall into this category (but not always).
  • Are we Marketing AND Sales focused? Here, there is typically a symbiotic relationship between marketing and sales where one is fuelled by the other – e.g. many modern B2B companies which tend to do one-time sales at high values.
  • Are we Marketing, Sales AND Renewal focused? Where there is a near perfect continuous relationship between Marketing, Sales & Retention (Customer Success) teams contributing towards greater financial stability to the company – e.g. most SaaS businesses tend to fall into this category.

Answering the above questions can help you choose the best CRM for your needs. If I had a gun to my head and was asked to choose I would look at my personal favorites and may choose

Pipedrive – for pure joy at the way it is sales driven and is perfect for the operational sales person.

Hubspot – for the variety of Marketing campaigns I can manage and run and for the continuity into Sales.

Close – for the service driven CRM with expert help in understanding and running my sales processes.

Apart from my prejudiced personal preferences Membrain*, Salesforce, Zoho and Agile are other CRMs I have used at one time or the other and they all are good for specific reasons.

*Used the least

Ultimately your success may depend upon what you choose as your CRM as per the broad criteria mentioned above. One word of caution though – if your product/service does not sell easily or does not capture the hearts of your intended audience it may be because of the product itself and not be because of the CRM – just a thought :-D.

Final word – at Playbook what you will get is a CRM that will not only help your direct Sales teams (Sales Development, Sales, Renewals) but also helps in managing the entire Revenue Flow management of your Revenue generating teams (including Marketing and Customer Success).

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