Playbook tech stack – (PERN)

Very early before planning the app we were almost sure to go ahead with Reactjs. Picking up coding after about 18 years I was looking for something easy to learn. So I decided to learn both Vue and React at the same time. Both seemed easy and equally up to the task to build an SPA. In the end we decided to freeze on React due to the larger community support and easily available online resources.

Express and Node were already kind of decided since I wanted to pick up a “single” language for the entire stack and Javascript seemed to be ideal for this.

(Thanks to Codecademy for helping me learn through this paid course – it was worth it).

Choosing the database was much harder, mainly due to a lot of options. These were the ones we considered:

  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • DynamoDB

MongoDB seemed to be the first choice for us. However, since I had a basic education that covered RDBMS I was finding it a little harder to follow MongoDB best practices. At that time I came across DynamoDB and implemented a sample app in both MongoDB and DynamoDB to consider either of them. Also, the choice of DynamoDB was also tied to the decision of going serverless or not. Keeping this aside, the final decision was made because of a few things:

  1. I found a few sample React apps that used PostgreSQL and found it easy to use
  2. Using Sequelize as an ORM seemed to make the decision of choosing any DB not too important
  3. PostgreSQL resonated with me for some reason due to my much earlier RDBMS knowledge

Anyways, PostgreSQL seemed to be a good choice (although it wouldn’t have been much different from choosing MySQL).

More info at stackshare.

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