Playbook’s overall processes

Playbook has 3 main overall processes intended to help any SaaS company:

  1. Onboarding – which you do when you sign up to setup your account and Revenue targets (among other things)
  2. Regular CRM operations (activities, deals, closures, etc)
  3. Monthly Commits – where you commit your CRM data for the month for recording purposes

1. Onboarding

Read more here.

2. CRM Operations

Deals, Pipelines & Activities

3. Commits

Monthly and Yearly – Commit Achieved numbers

So, what is this “Commit” anyway?

In my experience I have seen sales people make a few mistakes in their deals management. Either they’ll put a deal to won when not won or commit to a win and them move to lost after a few days or something else or the other. What this does is skew the reporting data which is generally pulled dynamically “as on at that time”. So let’s say a WON report was pulled on the 31st of the month (when that deal was set to WON with a deal value of $1000) and then the same report was pulled for that month a few days later (when that deal was put to lost) the reporting data is going to show different figures.

Then the question arises – which is the correct data? Technically both are correct since they were taken at different times. Can we always fault the sales person for this? Maybe, maybe not – it always depends on various factors. So, let’s not go there…

To solve this problem we bring in a process called “Commit”. Commits are a threefold process:

  1. Sales rep commit
  2. CxO/Manager Commit
  3. CEO Commit

1. User Commit

User commits her previous month achievement number

2. CxO/Manager Commit

Manager confirms the Team Achievement once all the team members have committed

3. CEO Commit

Then, CEO commits achievements for the organization

It's nothing complicated. And quite simple. 

A rep commits her numbers, 
a manager her team's numbers,
and finally CEO her organization's numbers.

To get a full picture as a company, as a team and as a user.

That’s all folks! Do leave a comment if you have anything to say :-D.

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