SaaS Metrics within CRM

SaaS Metrics (Basic) within Playbook app is now LIVE!

Imagine having your entire revenue generating and revenue managing teams on a single app. Then imagine getting them all connected in a synchronous manner so everyone works in tandem towards the common organizational goal(s). And then imagine able to get and store statistical and metric related data within the same app.

Oh yes, that is exactly what we are aiming for and working towards @ Playbook (among other things). Towards that, we have launched a basic SaaS Metrics feature – accessible to CEOs only. This way you keep the data in easy reach AND keep it secure too :-D.

For now, a CEO will have to enter monthly data as part of their monthly commits. However, the data you enter is minimal and we calculate the rest.

Sample Input screen

The resulting data is broadly categorized into 5 heads

  • Bookings – New Customers related info
  • MRR – Recurring Revenue related
  • Churn Metrics – all related to churn and churn percentages
  • Unit Economics – LTV & CAC related
  • Financial Metrics – Margins & Billings

Sample screenshots for your reference. Although it is best to SIGN UP and take a trial for best results. All formulas are industry standard. Contact us to know more about the formulas used and if there are any standard changes we could do to represent the data better.

Churn Metrics
Unit Economics
Financial Metrics

Overall, you have everything a SaaS organization requires to plan, forecast, execute and manage revenue plans year after year with, you guessed it, Playbook.

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