Activities Inbox view in Playbook CRM

A sales person is constantly on the job – hunting, communicating, closing and so on. What this means is she prepares every month, week and day to achieve her goals (quota included).

Which boils down to “ACTIVITIES” or “TASKS” that are planned daily (maybe weekly and monthly too) and executed on time and properly. One of the qualities of a successful Sales Person should be to be focussed on the tasks and not get sidetracked easily.

Towards this, we decided to build an “Inbox” view within Playbook that helps the sales person plan the day’s activities beforehand (let’s say close of day, the previous day). And then stay focussed on the activities for that day – how?

Inbox View always opens the first activity of the day by default
Complete task and update – hover on contact for phone & email details
Schedule next activity for same deal (Very important)
Which opens the next task. Rinse and repeat 😉


  1. Inbox view has the first activity of the day open and ready to be acted upon
  2. As soon as you complete and update the task (with success or failure tags for future reference) a “new’ task for the same deal is opened to schedule the next activity
  3. Immediately the NEXT task for the day opens automatically on your screen (Inbox view) for action

Repeat 1 to 3 steps. Yep, as easy as that :-D.

Sign up for a 14 day FREE trial and test this today!

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