High level Playbook CRM process overview

In general, we know that the revenue generating teams in a subscription based business is made up of 5 teams/processes – MARKETING, SALES, INSIDE SALES, CUSTOMER SUCCESS & RENEWAL.

All these teams work on the same “customer” record but at different times and in different ways. This “record” itself held different information during those times.

This “record” moves along in a manner approximating what is described below.

MQL – Marketing

  • Has minimal information
  • As simple as an Org name and contact person info
  • May or may not know your product
  • Requires education, communication to convert
  • Is part of “mass” campaigns
  • Essentially still faceless to you

SQL – Inside Sales

  • Has shown interest
  • Is a genuine Lead
  • Could become a prospect
  • Knows a bit about your company and services
  • Requires targeted information to convert
  • Is not faceless anymore
  • Has an Internal Customer Profile (ICP) score

Deal / Prospect – Sales

  • Has shown Intent
  • Is in the buying process
  • Is trialing your product or service
  • (Lots of) Communication back and forth
  • Brings in more people (maybe)
  • Has a high ICP score

Customer – CS

  • Is using your product or service
  • Requires support
  • May include setup & implementation
  • Needs to be trained (may be)
  • May (or not) need lots of communication
  • Helping them succeed in their objectives with your product / service is imperative
  • Should have a very high ICP score

Deal – Renewals

  • Should have high ICP
  • Should have been happy with product / service
  • Has good opportunities for up selling and cross selling
  • Could be testimonial potential
  • Could get referrals for sales

In all of the above we noticed that the “record” essentially remains the same. It just gets curated and can hold a lot of information from discovery time to when she is a champion of your product / service.

At Playbook CRM, we are working towards this goal of having a single platform ensure that your records are always right and will give insights about your business.

A high level representation of Playbook features

Define, Plan, Distribute, Execute & Measure – Company objectives within you Playbook account. CEOs and Sales Leaders.

  • Revenue targets
  • Annual and monthly
  • Important ratios
  • SaaS Metrics
  • Company health
  • Playbooks*

Manage your “record” (the one we talked about earlier πŸ™‚ ) for Inside Sales, Sales & Renewals teams. Users & Leads.

  • Activities
  • Pipeline
  • Stages
  • Deals
  • Targets vs Achievements
  • Stay focussed

Also manage the Customer record

  • Manage NPS & CSAT scores
  • Record of all engagements
  • Be alerted to upcoming renewals
  • Never lose on up sells and cross sells

That’s all folks, many more updates soon. Until then \m/\m/.

Marketing automation* & Customer Management* – coming soon

*In the dev pipeline

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