SmartBCC email feature

This week we released the minor (but with major consequences) feature of the smartBCC email feature.

All sales people should be aware of this feature since it is quite standard in almost all CRMs. The principle is the same here at PB –

When sending emails to any of your contacts put this smartBCC email in the bcc of the email. Our backend will capture this email and display under the relevant deal record.

The timeline view of the email in the Deal Page

You will find this email address in the bottom left corner of every Deal / Renewal / Customer record.

Example smartBCC email address

Initially we were going to provide full fledged emailing solution with Google’s GMAIL APIs. However, the rewards vs effort exercise did not make sense for us to roll this out right now. The learning and experience when we put some effort into this study will stay with us and hopefully will be implemented in PB in the future. Although, it may be prudent to provide this full email feature in the future with the help of partners like Sendgrid or Mailgun or similar apps. We will keep you posted.

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