Personas in CRM Contact Page

A CRM generally captures most important details about a contact. Like

  • Name
  • Organization
  • Contact details (Email, Phone, etc)
  • Title, Department, Role, etc
  • Interaction details (like calls, emails, etc made)

This generally gives a pretty good idea of what a Sales executive needs to know about the contact.

This works reasonably well for quick sales (here, it means that the interactions are not too long with the user before a sale is made).

However, consider a few scenarios (is but a very small sample for now).

  • Sales is a long drawn out affair involving multiple people
  • Your solution requires certain types of people to get involved in the target organization
  • You need much more information to be captured in order to help your sales executives communicate and sell better
  • And so on…

In such cases, it would be great to have all (or as much as possible) the information captured within your CRM as dedicated fields – not just by taking some short notes here and there.

And Lo! & Behold! – Playbook brings gives all its users the option to populate “PERSONA” data along with regular contact information.

Example Contact Page in Playbook

Key information presented to a Sales executive (provided the information is filled of course :-D)

  • Demographics
  • Responsibilities
  • Goals and Pain points
  • Contact information
  • And other regular CRM contact page details

This “profiling” of a contact is quite helpful to your team to better understand the human behind the name. After all, Sales itself is emotional and if your team talks to faceless people it will show in your results.

To start using the Persona details in the Contact page first your administrator (CEO/CXO) needs to choose the details that are required for your organization. We understand that not all fields are necessary to capture. For e.g., in our business, we have no particular reason to capture information like gender, annual income, etc. So, we provide the option to choose your necessary fields in your Playbook settings with a handy drag ‘n drop feature

Select the options you need – set it up but once

Once the master template is set, the option to populate more details will be available in every contact page.

Note: Personality Types are pre-defined. If we are missing something please let us know. Below is the available options as of today. It is a backend feature and not available to edit/add for users.

Happy successful selling. Go get ’em Tigers!

Note 2: If the user has a gmail ID (personal or GSuite) our APIs will pull the profile picture automatically. Pulling this info from Facebook, Instagram etc are in the pipeline.

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