Internal Customer Profile in Playbook CRM

We’ve just released a minor feature (with possible major impacts for you) – having an Internal Customer Profile Score (ICP) against every deal.

Many of us have used Internal Customer Profiles to help our sales personnel find and sell to the right customers. How great is to have this right on your Deal page to get a better idea of how your current deal scores against your company’s ICP?

Quick Score on every Deal page

Now, we understand that ICPs can differ from organization to organization. Hence, we have provided a few options to choose from to create your own ICP template.

A screenshot showing a few options to choose from

It is better to have only a few of these options though. A good ICP is both comprehensive and decisive – with as minimal information (only critical stuff) as possible.

You can also set minimum ICP scores required for a Deal to be passed from one stage to another. This is made so that even though it is the same record/deal it may not be possible to have ALL required data at ALL stages of the deal flow. For e.g., it may be very hard to get a definite budget figure during the marketing phase. However, during the sales phase it becomes imperative to know if your prospect has the wherewithal to buy. So a minimum 25% could be a good score to pass the Marketing stage but may need to be 60% and above for the Sales team to have a go at it.

An example minimum score card for ICP

In the Deal page, if the ICP score is not generated yet, a user will automatically see the setup screen. Go through the options and generate the score.

A handy minimum score and current score fields for instant feedback
Screenshot – before hitting the final update button
The final output

These minor features are in line with the long term direction of Playbook CRM. Hope these help in the now while we give you more to help build successful businesses.

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