Checklists help define Sales Process

We’ve just released a new feature we call “Checklists”. Checklists can be defined from Settings – Checklists.

What is a Checklist

A checklist is a set of sub steps that define how a Deal moves within a Stage and to the next Stage or Pipeline.

For e.g., let’s say there is a STAGE called DRIP CAMPAIGNs in the Marketing (Demand Generation) Pipeline. Under Drip Campaigns you could define a set of steps…

  • Send Drip 1 (Pain message maybe?)
  • Send Drip 2 (Value message or something relevant)
  • Send Drip 3
  • etc..
A sample Checklist for Team Marketing and Stage Propaganda 😀

Elements within a Checklist

Name – A Short name (from our previous example it could be something like “Pain Message”)

Objective – Briefly explain the objective of this step within the stage

Success Criterion – The exact reason why an action should be deemed “successful”. (From our previous example, it could be something like – “Contact replied with a positive message”)

Success Action – What should the PB User do on achieving success on this step of the process. For e.g., it could be “Move to next step – Drip 2”.

Failure Criterion – The reason why a user should consider that this step did not work or consider moving on from this Deal. E.g., “Contact unsubscribed from our emails”

Failure Action – Answers the question what should the user do on getting a failure feedback. E.g., “Archive deal or Put to LOST”

Why use Checklists / Benefits

  • Help standardize your Sales processes
  • Clearly defined actions for your team members
  • Success and failure criteria helps drive sales better
  • Training and going live of new executives is faster
  • Understand efficacy of your methods and processes…
Sample entries for a few steps in a Checklist

How to come up with the steps for each Checklist

It’s quite simple, really, if you think carefully on this. You already know your teams (pipelines). You already know the major stages within each Pipeline. Now, you are just dividing the major STAGE into smaller steps that are more defined by clearcut actions rather than broadly.

  • Look carefully at the name of the stage
  • Imagine what this stage is for
  • List down the steps required to complete this stage
  • Put them in your Company Playbook CRM
  • And you should be done! (For this stage)
  • Repeat and rinse for other stages in all pipelines

Final Thoughts

We at Playbook believe that Sales should be fun and rewarding. It also helps to know what you are doing and WHY you are doing a certain action. Checklists help in never not knowing what to do next AND works very well and in line with a PLAYBOOK concept CRM rather than a traditional action based CRM.

More Playbook features to come…

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