Scripts within Playbook

When I was heading Sales one of my major pet peeves was having to have a separate Google Doc for all the various Scripts, Email Templates, Collateral URLs, Processes, etc I had written (and collected from various sources). This used to irritate me (and my teammates) since we had to look for the relevant item to use at a given situation.

So, when we made Playbook we’ve always wanted the provision to have Scripts (or processes) within the CRM. Finally, it is here:

Just go to Playbook Settings -> Scripts->Create New to start. You will see the following screen

Create a New Script / Process

Give a name, short description and select the closest “Category” from the dropdown. The available categories are…

For each part of your script give a meaningful title and write (or copy/paste from where you have stored such scripts) down the process or script to follow. You can add as many blocks as you want to ensure that you covered the Script / Process as per your requirements. E.g. below:

Hit “Save Template” button once done and your script should be available for usage by your colleagues, reps and your organization.

Final output of the Script

Note: This Script / Process is quite flexible. It has a broad title and description followed by individual points to follow. You can list down steps to do an activity, or describe a process or (as intended first) write down a script with yes/no/maybe options (just write these in the title and what to say/do in the content part)

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