Refer Email Templates within Playbook and CRM

Just like Scripts why not have your most used Email Templates within Playbook as well. Now you do not have to “search” for the best email to use in any situation. When done right, you will have access to the best template to use (as informed or connected by your manager/leader) within your Checklist step itself.

The way to go about this the same as Scripts. Go to Playbook Settings -> Email Templates -> Create New. You’ll get this screen:

Create a new Email Template

Then (just like Scripts – we like to keep things simple when possible) give a name to the template, a description and select an appropriate category (for e.g. when creating a template for Drip Campaigns just select the category “Drip”), the subject for the email and the body.

You could even just copy/paste from your external email client or from a document where you had saved these templates. It should work (most of the time) exactly how you had written. Hit “Save Template” and the template will be available for usage almost immediately (pending connecting to an appropriate Checklist step).

We support RichText email templates. Attachments support is in the pipeline but will be taken up for active development only as per user requirements (let us know).

The final output of a sample Email Template

Sample Drip Template

And that’s it. You can now have multiple versions of templates for easy reference and access for your colleagues and sales teams across your organization (provided they are on Playbook, of course :-D)

Note: We use Draft.js for your RichText requirements (in activities and email templates). It is nice, easy to use (mostly) and customizable.

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