Reference docs and collaterals within Playbook and CRM

Well, we have Scripts (Process) and Email Templates now within Playbook. What else? How about having your important collaterals as well (documents – presentations, spreadsheets, ROI docs, etc) within Playbook for easy reference and usage as appropriate? Oh yes, we do have this as well now :-D.

Again, this “feature” is a direct result of when I was in Sales and had to refer to an external document for the right collateral to use at appropriate situations.

As usual (for such functions) the process starts from Playbook Settings -> Collaterals -> Create New. The entry screen looks like this:

Just give a name to the document, a description, select an appropriate category which as near as qualifies the document (e.g. “Contracts” or “Invoices” or “Benefits”, etc), select the file from your computer and hit “Save Collateral” button. And lo, you have successfully added a document for usage within your CRM (Playbook) and accessible to all your users on Playbook.

Final output (pdf e.g.)

Supported file types:

  • Image – x-png, png, jpg, jpeg, gif
  • MS Office Powerpoint files – .ppt, .pptx
  • Mac documents – .key, .numbers, .pages
  • MS Office docs – .doc, .docx
  • pdf
  • MS Excel spreadsheets – .xls, .xlsx
  • .csv

Along with Scripts & Email Templates, Collaterals complete the circle of important “items” to have within your CRM.

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