Use Playbook to be effective and efficient at Selling

Now that we have Scripts, Email Templates, Collaterals, Plays and Checklists apart from regular CRM capabilities how do we make use of them to be an effective and efficient sales person?

One way is to work on your deals in your Pipeline using the Checklist view. So. You in your pipeline view you can see all deals in your current pipeline.

Example pipeline with 3 stages

Double-clicking on any Stage in your pipeline will take you to the Stage View which will show all your deals within that particular Stage. In addition, you can also see your deals further divided into the particular steps they are going through within this stage.

Stage “Signup” view showing Checklist steps (Verify, Update Details)

You could start working on your deals from this view, OR, double click on a step to further drill into your company’s processes. This will open up all the deals within that particular “step”.

Showing an example view of Deals within a Pipeline Sourcing, Stage Signup & Step Verify

This view has 5 “spaces” or “views”.

  • On the top left you’ll find the deals belonging to this step in your Checklist process.
  • The top middle shows all past activities for your selected deal.
  • Top right will give you details of the associated contact
  • Bottom left will show you the Play/Script/Template/Collateral to use while dealing with this deal within this particular checklist step
  • The bottom right will show any scheduled activity or enable you to log a new activity as and when you work on this deal.

Here, to start working on your deals, just start clicking on the deal name from the list on the top left. There are front and back buttons to accommodate a scenario where you have too many deals to show in a small space. Once you select a deal you’ll be able to see the past activities associated with the deal with a handy summary, the contact details and any scheduled activity.

Deal, Activities & Contact

If your organization (or you) have connected multiple items that can be used to successfully complete this step (and aiding you to progress the deal) their Titles will be seen on the bottom left. Just click on the appropriate item you would want to use and start acting on it.

A sample script for your reference when acting on that deal

And then you can log the activity. Right there in that same screen without moving out.

Sample activity notes for the selected deal

Save the activity (and schedule next activity immediately – Very very important). And move on to the next Deal.

There you have it. A screen from where you can be effective, productive and efficient in your daily tasks as the superb sales executive that you are.

Further notes…

In the activity logging screen you can also select the Script/Doc/Template/Play that you used and give it a simple rating – Thumbs up or a Thumbs Down. This will help you and your team in understanding over time the efficiency of a said item. This is part of your feedback back to your leader about what works and what doesn’t.

Good luck and have fun closing deals with Playbook!

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