Corporate → MBA → Startup?

Bill Gates once said “Make the most of the opportunity you are given” when asked if working in start-up is better than Corporate. 

Getting a job was the only concern for me like most students.  Never occurred to me that I might have to choose. Fortunately, job hunting wasn’t a struggle for me.

I have always been curious about how a corporate worked since start-ups never even existed for me back then, and guess what? Just after my graduation I got placed at one of the renowned multinational organisations. It was a large IT Services company, who recruited people in bulk. By bulk I mean almost 500-600 people at once. I was only informed about my designation but again designations didn’t mean what it sounds like. In short, the processes, the hierarchy, the pipelines were as confusing as Quantum Physics to me but yes, the amount of knowledge and exposure I gained was most precious and will always be.

Now it was time to understand how these Corporates actually started from being a just teeny tiny Start-up to a large MNC. Out of nowhere, I stumbled upon a Marketing intern during my Post-Graduation and I ended up joining PlayBook. It gave me a clear view on how hard it is to build something from the ground up. From building marketing strategies to generating leads and expecting responses is the most difficult phase where even a negative response from leads looked like a great achievement hoping at least they might have viewed what was sent. And yes, you are directly reporting to the creators of the company who might one day turn to a person you cannot meet without an appointment. Isn’t that awesome?

To conclude:

There are several advantages and disadvantages as we dig in into both the firms. One provides stability, comfort and work-life balance while the other teaches you to be nimble, agile and prepares you for random outcomes. And of course the experience is what is to be counted no matter where we work.

In the end people should choose their workplace as per their need, their personalities and their priorities.

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