My journey of transitioning from being a university student to a full-time employee amidst the pandemic

Final semester had begun in university and as I sat in class listening to the lecture, worrying thoughts were going through the back of my mind about graduation, facing the reality and attaining a job that I’m passionate about. For all students graduating from university/college, some find the transition of being a student to working 5-6 days per week challenging while some find it somewhat adaptable and easy. Well, from the title of this article, you readers know that I’ll be talking about my experience transitioning from being a university student to a full-time employee. However, my journey is unique. I graduated during a global pandemic that has shaken the entire world. 

Since the announcement of the pandemic, constant fears and anxiety started to develop inside me. Will the economy crash? Will I be able to gain a job after university? How long until I get employed? When will they find a cure for the virus? I must admit on behalf of all university graduates of 2020 that it’s hard and terrifying. With unemployment rates soaring high like never before, I had already made up my mind that 2020 is going to be a tough year for me. 

But, this did not stop me. After constant job hunting and learning new skills online, I finally attained an internship. I was more focused on attaining a full-time job, but when such opportunities come by you, we shouldn’t take it for granted. On a side note, is it me or does everyone feel anxious about how your job would treat you and how well would you do?

Luckily, when my internship started, it’s just been a constant learning experience. The people I work for and the work environment that they created, made me feel comfortable that I had no fear in speaking out my suggestions and ideas (given the fact that I’m a quiet and reserved person!). 

As I said earlier, some may find the transition from university to workplace challenging, while some don’t. I found the transition comparatively exciting and this wouldn’t have been easy for me if it wasn’t for my boss and my colleagues. So thank you to you. However, even though I have flexible working hours, I still have tasks to be completed by the end of each day and work five days a week. This is something I took little time to adapt as I was mostly free and could do my own thing at my own pace during university years. 

Some say that university does not entirely make you prepared for the work-life and I agree to that. Universities teach various things which are mostly theory-related and not practical-related skills. My current internship taught me to keep trying. A strategy didn’t work out? Research, develop and implement a new strategy! Always analyse your results. Why aren’t we getting any leads for our product? Analyse, figure out the root problem and come up with a solution. Finally, a company’s success is when all employees work together as a team 🙂 

So, basically that has been my “uni-to-work” transition, filled with different emotions on what the future has for me. For all those graduates that are having a tough time securing a job, I cannot say not to worry, but keep pushing and trying. There will be days where you want to give up, but pick yourself up and try harder. Be positive and hopefully, the future will be kind to us! 

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