What employer branding looks in 2020 and beyond

If you’d ask me during an interview on “Why do you want to work in our company?”, my answer would have been completely different than it was two years ago. As a recent graduate searching for jobs, I apply for jobs that I’m passionate about. But now more than ever, I realized that a company’s culture, CSR activities and business ethics are things I value and look for. So before we move onto the discussion about a company’s role in the society and to its employees, I would just like to brief you guys on what employer branding is all about. 

Think about a brand that you like. I like Adidas as a brand. Why do I like it? Apart from all their great products, everyone is raving about the brand. How did the organization achieve that? By extensive brand marketing and positive customer reviews. That’s how employer branding works. Companies try to positively market themselves to attract talent and business.

Eight months into 2020 and A LOT has happened. According to me, there are two major incidents that have drastically changed the way employers brand themselves – Covid-19 and BLM.

With employees around the world shifting to remote work, organizations have reshaped their employer branding. For example, Shine Distillery in Portland had started producing and giving away hand sanitizers. Amazon had hired more than 100,00 workers and gave pay rise to their current employees. Giorgio Armani had donated almost $1.43 million dollars to four hospitals in Rome and Milan, also to the Civil Protection Agency. 

However, things took a turn on the 25th of May with the beginning of the BLM movement. Organizations can no longer turn a blind eye to such socio-economic and geo-political dynamics. Inclusivity and diversity are no longer an option but the new (and right) normal. 

Now more than ever, the society and talent community are more interested to see diversity and inclusiveness in organisations. It aims at creating a safe working environment and provide all benefits just like the rest of the employees do. It shouldn’t be an act of tokenism. 

I was going through a blog post by Ryan (2020) and she says “Messaging without action rings hollow, and action without messaging can go unnoticed.” Employer branding has changed in a way it’s not just about monetary benefits. It’s about how you have introduced empathy while dealing with people.

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