Scripts within Playbook

When I was heading Sales one of my major pet peeves was having to have a separate Google Doc for all the various Scripts, Email Templates, Collateral URLs, Processes, etc I had written (and collected from various sources). This used to irritate me (and my teammates) since we had to look for the relevant item... Continue Reading →

Checklists help define Sales Process

We've just released a new feature we call "Checklists". Checklists can be defined from Settings - Checklists. What is a Checklist A checklist is a set of sub steps that define how a Deal moves within a Stage and to the next Stage or Pipeline. For e.g., let's say there is a STAGE called DRIP... Continue Reading →

Personas in CRM Contact Page

A CRM generally captures most important details about a contact. Like NameOrganizationContact details (Email, Phone, etc)Title, Department, Role, etcInteraction details (like calls, emails, etc made) This generally gives a pretty good idea of what a Sales executive needs to know about the contact. This works reasonably well for quick sales (here, it means that the... Continue Reading →

SmartBCC email feature

This week we released the minor (but with major consequences) feature of the smartBCC email feature. All sales people should be aware of this feature since it is quite standard in almost all CRMs. The principle is the same here at PB - When sending emails to any of your contacts put this smartBCC email... Continue Reading →

A company should work like a band

Ever heard someone say, “A company should work like a band”? Well I have. And it took me a while to understand what it really meant. Eye Opener – Metallica’s Some Kind of Monster. This epic truth bomb explained word for word on what it takes for a band to function. A quick synopsis on... Continue Reading →

High level Playbook CRM process overview

In general, we know that the revenue generating teams in a subscription based business is made up of 5 teams/processes - MARKETING, SALES, INSIDE SALES, CUSTOMER SUCCESS & RENEWAL. All these teams work on the same "customer" record but at different times and in different ways. This "record" itself held different information during those times.... Continue Reading →

Activities Inbox view in Playbook CRM

A sales person is constantly on the job - hunting, communicating, closing and so on. What this means is she prepares every month, week and day to achieve her goals (quota included). Which boils down to "ACTIVITIES" or "TASKS" that are planned daily (maybe weekly and monthly too) and executed on time and properly. One... Continue Reading →

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