SaaS Metrics within CRM

SaaS Metrics (Basic) within Playbook app is now LIVE! Imagine having your entire revenue generating and revenue managing teams on a single app. Then imagine getting them all connected in a synchronous manner so everyone works in tandem towards the common organizational goal(s). And then imagine able to get and store statistical and metric related... Continue Reading →

Playbook’s overall processes

Playbook has 3 main overall processes intended to help any SaaS company: Onboarding - which you do when you sign up to setup your account and Revenue targets (among other things)Regular CRM operations (activities, deals, closures, etc)Monthly Commits - where you commit your CRM data for the month for recording purposes 1. Onboarding Read more... Continue Reading →

Playbook Onboarding process

Disclaimer: Please follow the Onboarding process as detailed when you sign up (and login) on Playbook the first time. What I write here is only a guidance and the steps on the app may be (very) slightly different. First, write down your ultimate objective for the current fiscal year. We are talking about the ultimate... Continue Reading →

Playbook tech stack – (PERN)

Very early before planning the app we were almost sure to go ahead with Reactjs. Picking up coding after about 18 years I was looking for something easy to learn. So I decided to learn both Vue and React at the same time. Both seemed easy and equally up to the task to build an... Continue Reading →

Playbook Alpha launch

Today we open Playbook app to the world, on an alpha testing basis. If you decide to try please do not forget to give specific feedback as we are testing all the features right now and may not 100% work as expected. Playbook is dedicated to all the Sales people across the world. Hope you... Continue Reading →

The best CRM in the world

We often come across someone who is on a quest to find "the best CRM in the world". Most of us, by now or with at least a few years of experience, know that there simply is no "best" CRM in the world just like any and many other product(s). And like any other choice... Continue Reading →

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